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Pakistan's Digital Landscape

The nexus between digitalization and enhanced human development outcomes is grounded in the fact that digital technologies and the Internet, when harnessed effectively, possess transformative potential for the people of Pakistan. However, not all Pakistanis have equal access to the benefits of digitalization.
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127M are mobile broadband users
Fixed broadband penetration
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Lower than South Asian countries
Mobile broadband penetration
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Significant in Pakistan
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Growing internet usage

Doing Digital

The NHDR 2024 demonstrates that without equitable access to digital technology, Pakistan’s human development outcomes will remain low and under-served. In an increasingly interconnected world, the integration of digital technologies has the power to bridge gaps, empower communities, and drive economic growth. By leveraging the insights presented in this Report, we hope to contribute to a future for Pakistan where digital transformation becomes a cornerstone for its prosperity.

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Pakistan is still far away from a universal provision for digital technology. There have been calls for universalizing access across the country.

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The second of the 4As is Adopt, which realizes the actual power of digital transformation, whereby gains channeled through primary access.

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Digital technology is shaping history. But there is also the sense that it is running away with us. Where will it take us? Will our dignity and rights be enhanced or diminished?

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Digital transformation has helped many countries leapfrog development milestones, and Pakistan can course a similar trajectory.

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